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Staff Writer:

A Her Campus CofC staff writer is required to write a minimum of 1 article per week during each semester. The staff writers are expected to write twice as much during finals week. The HC team does not require content to be put out over Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, Spring Break or summer. Each topic for an article must be approved by the editor-in-chief. The staff writer must write at least one article in each section: Feature, Blog, Campus Cutie and Campus Celebrity. The requirements for each section are as follows:

  • Feature: Must be between 300-400 words in AP Style with 2-3 quotes from students in hard news pieces. A feature can be anything that is related to CofC. It can be a news piece or lifestyle piece (including fashion and beauty) as long as it relates to the women of CofC. The feature articles tend to be lengthier and should be more important than any other section. Some examples include: “31 Awesome Electives to Take Next Fall,” “Careeranista: Leaning in Too Far?” and “A Bitter Pill: New Book Shoes Risks, Dangers of Birth Control”.
  • Blog: Must be 100-300 words. The My Campus Blog section is meant for content that is more opinionated and more laid back than Features. The blog section can cover any topic from fitness, beauty, study abroad advice, fashion advice, etc. This is not a personal blog. It should not be about the writer’s hopes and dreams. It should be commentary on a certain topic/idea related to campus. You are allowed to use first person but do not over use it. Some examples of topics are: “The 35 Things Every CofC Student Instagrams,” “5 Words You Should Use More – In Your Vocabulary and in Your Life,” and “12 Reasons You Are Obsessed With Your Big.”
  • Campus Celebrity: The interview must contain a brief description of the interviewee, a good high quality photo, a quick description of name, major, hometown, below the photo, and the interview must be in Q&A format. A campus celebrity should be a person that everyone admires on campus whether it is an accomplished alumnus, a favorite professor, student organization president, etc. Ask 5-10 questions to the person. The more information the better!
  • Campus Cutie: Feature a guy or girl on campus. Must have high quality photo and below must have a list of his or her basic information: name, major, hometown, and relationship status. Ask anywhere form 5-10 questions and the interview should be in Q&A format. You should ask more fun questions such as “Where do you see yourself in five years?” or “Can you describe your perfect date?” Something that is lighthearted and will get people engaged in the interview.

We will also be taking a Monday Motivation blogger and Cougars Abroad writers, so if you're going abroad you can still contribute! 

Social Media Team:

Each person on the social media team will be assigned one social media account for which they are responsible for updating every week. The requirements are:

  • Facebook: Must share 2 articles per day: one article at 8 a.m. and one article at 4 p.m. She must be able to come up with catchy captions for each article so that way the audience is driven in.
  • Twitter: Must share 2 articles a day with a photo attached. One at 8 a.m. and one at 4 p.m. Since Twitter only requires 140 characters in a tweet, the article description must be short and catchy with the photo that best describes the article.
  • Instagram: Must post everyday. MUST use VSCO editing app and have to be square HIGH QUALITY photos. Photos can be artistic photos of food, office workspaces, catchy and motivational quotes, and especially events that HC College of Charleston does on campus.

Events/PR Team:

Each member of the events team will meet privately with the president about events on campus. The team is also responsible for managing sponsors around Charleston for donations and giveaways for the events held on campus. One girl will be assigned to different local businesses and must report back to the president about what they say. The team must also talk to the president about graphics and advertising for events. The events/PR team and Social media team work closely and often overlap. 

Photographer and Videographer: The photographer must be at events held by the HC CofC team and must provide a minimum of 10 high quality photos. She must also contribute to Instagram photos once a week. She also must be available for the occasional photo shoot for promotional photos. The videographer must be at events held by the HC CofC team to provide video coverage of the event. The videos must be anywhere from 1 minute to 2:30 and should require interviews and music approved by the editor-in-chief and president. We will also use a videographer for promo videos and recruitment for the next semester. The videographer will be needed as an on call basis. We will notify about 2 weeks in advance for any events needing coverage. 

Sorority Liasons: Each member of the sorority liason team will be responsible for promoting HC CofC to their sorority. The liasions will receive weekly tasks and challenges and will be eligible to win prizes for their sorority and themselves! Liasions are encouraged to write sorority articles for the site as well. 2-3 liasons will be picked per sorority! Application here.

Email [email protected] if you have any questions!

HCXO, the Her Campus College of Charleston team