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Jenna Terribile

Name: Jenna TerribileHometown: Phoenix, AZClass: SophomoreMajor: Special EducationCampus Involvement: Cougar Excursion, CofC Equestrian teamSingle or Taken?: Waiting for that special someone.Dog person or cat person?: DOG

Why CofC? “Beaches, weather, horses, and the massive number of guys that go here! Wait…” 

Can’t argue with that! When you do eventually leave here, what do you want to do as a career? “I am studying to become a speech therapist.”

What influences that choice? “I have grown up with this insane passion for children, specifically those with special needs. But also, I talk at the speed of light, so I’ve always struggled with speech myself.”

Awesome! Now, you mentioned the Equestrian team. How long have you been riding horses? “I took my first lesson when I was nine years old, but my mom had me on trail horses once I could walk!”

How is the Equestrian team’s record this season?  “It’s almost spotless. This past weekend, our Zones team qualified for nationals!

Congratulations! When you’re not at practice or a meet, how do you like to spend your time? “You mean when I’m not thinking about horses?? Oh geez. Well, up until this weekend, I had a job, so free time was just a far off dream for me. But now that I am happily unemployed, I am looking forward to being outside in this incredible weather with the people that I love, doing just about anything. If you take me to the beach, I’ll love you forever!”

I second that beach comment… So, you were recently on a trip to Austria. What brought you there and how was it? “Well, my sophomore year in high school, my family hosted an Exchange Student from Vienna. Being an only child, it was so great having another person my age around the house. We hit it off immediately and became virtually inseparable. I can’t describe us as best friends because that just isn’t the relationship. It really is as close as I possibly could get to having an older sister. So, obviously, there was nothing better to do than visit her in Austria over break!!”

Nice! Since our next break is right around the corner, what are you most looking forward to about the end of this semester? “Not having to stress out about the 7-page paper I am currently procrastinating by answering these questions. I can’t wait to go to the beach and enjoy Charleston without school being on my mind.”

Do you have any big plans for the summer? “I will hopefully have an internship in Washington, DC with a congresswoman from back home. So, that would mean I leave at the end of May, and I’ll fly home at the end of July.”

That’d be awesome! Lastly, Jenna, will you marry me? “Oh. My. God. I can’t believe it’s taken you so long. YES!”

**Status Change: Waiting for that special someone  Engaged!


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