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As a northerner, you spent your life waiting for October to roll around so you can break out your sweaters, switch to warm drinks, and watch the leaves change colors. So, it’s no shocker when you move to the south, you’re in for a huge change. Many northerners, like me, escape to the south for the year-round warm weather, so why do we still feel cheated of a fall with highs in the 60’s instead of 80’s?

It’s because fall is a sign of change, and you don’t get that change when summer starts in March and goes through November. The lack of crispness in the air and crunch in the leaves has us missing how we knew Fall when we were kids. So, don’t be down in the dumps just because your sweaters are collecting dust and you’re getting your Pumpkin Spice lattes iced. Here’s a list of new fall traditions perfect for the southern weather.

1. Have Friendsgiving On The Beach Or At A Park

While your friends and family back home are bundled up inside, take advantage of your steady stream of sunny and 75’s and move your favorite traditions outside! Get your friends together, grab a blanket, and cook some Thanksgiving classics to make your new latitude feel like back home.

2. Get An Iced Fall Drink At Starbucks

Starbucks knows that not all their customers need something to warm themselves up, especially northerners who only consider cold to be below 40 degrees. Some of the cold seasonal favorites from Starbucks are an iced Pumpkin Spice Latte, Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino, and Maple Pecan Frappuccino. You can also throw in a Maple Pecan Muffin to curb your fall cravings!

3.  Go Apple Picking- With A Twist

This tradition doesn’t stray too far from what you grew up doing in the north. The twist is to make southern recipes with your freshly picked fruit. Southern Fried Apples are a go-to staple for celebrating fall in the south. With recipes like this one for cinnamon and sugar-coated fried apple rings (YUM) easily found on most baking websites, this southern treat will easily become your favorite tradition to bring back home.

Just because fall in the south isn’t how you remember it, doesn’t mean it can’t be better! Embrace your southern fall experience by making new traditions that will leave your friends and family in the north jealous. And remember, when winter comes, the cold won’t be as missed.

Hi! I'm a freshman at College of Charleston planning on majoring in Communications. I love anything related to Pop Culture, so reading and writing about it are my favorite things to do!
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