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Next year, Zeta Tau Alpha will be celebrating their 50th anniversary of being installed on College of Charleston’s campus. Over the years, ZTA has raised thousands of dollars towards our beloved philanthropy, Breast Cancer Education and Awareness. We have held 5ks, fundraisers, and endless percent nights to achieve our goal of finding the cure. The value placed on our sisterhood is also of utmost importance. Creating a chapter filled with women who are passionate, strong, and caring is what has allowed us to wear our letters with pride. Knowing that we place respect and love for one another above all else has always brought unity and comfort to our sisterhood. 

And in one night everything tragically changed.

As a result, ZTA has received sanctions and consequences that we are abiding by. This incident has been traumatic and devastating for everyone involved and has negatively impacted all of us on a deep and personal level. After all the years of hard earned respect and fulfillment that we gained, it’s all being questioned. This was not supposed to happen, but it did and it’s heartbreaking. We know the consequences of our actions and accept the sanctions that have been bestowed upon us. Our chapter is prepared to learn. We will be attending workshops and educating ourselves and others appropriately. We will work hard to earn everyone’s trust back and be positive role models on campus. Also to give back and show our school responsibility and kindness, because that is what our chapter is all about.

We will not let this one instance define who we are. We will strive to make sure this situation will never occur again. Our goal going forward is to keep everyone safe and from getting hurt.  So let this be a forewarning to all of Greek Life, be aware of your behavior and actions, because what happened to us can happen to you too.

Madelynn is a sophomore at CofC majoring in sociology with the intention of attending law school after undergrad. She is super passionate about women's rights, mental health, and emotional wellbeing. Her favorite thing to do is relax at the beach or with her pets.
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