Instagram Worthy Picture Spots in Charleston

In a time where social media is taking the world by storm, photosharing on apps like Instagram is easily one of the most popular aspects of this digital age. Whether you are out doing a fun totally random shoot, taking a flawless selfie, getting photos taken for a specific reason, or living your best life as an influencer, here are some of the prettiest places to take your "Instagram worthy" pictures downtown Charleston! 

*Shoutout to my wonderful roommate and best friend, Ali, for being my beautiful model for this article! You can check out her Instagram @awelborne and see some of the other pictures we captured!

1. The Cistern at the College of Charleston

Stunning on its own, this location can be extremely versatile with multiple background options. Ideas include Randolf Hall, The Porter's House, the trees, benches, or greenery around the fences! 


2. The Battery at White Point Gardens

Just a mile walk from location #1, this location is perfect for a simple ocean background

3. The Bricks at the Historic Charleston Foundation Museum Shop

Who doesn't love a simple brick background!? This location is just a few steps from #2. Don't forget to check out the shop while you are there too! 

4. The Cobblestones on Vanderhorst Wharf


5. Waterfront Park 

So many photographic opportunities here! From along the water (different angles for different backgrounds) to on the bricks surrounded by gorgeous trees, this might just be my favorite place in the city. 

6. Cobblestones on South Adgers Wharf

Okay, so I really like the cobblestones...

7. Rainbow Row

The world-famous Rainbow Row! Of course, this location is for those who aren't afraid of lots of color. Oh, and if you have a couple million dollars lying around, the purple one is for sale. 

Photo credits: Author- Ashlyn Shirley

Of course, there a hundred other places around town to get the perfect shot, but these are some of my favorites! If you are interested in having your pictures taken anywhere on the peninsula, dm me or email me and let's chat! I would love to take them!

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