I Tried Acrylic Nails For the First Time, Here’s How It Went

I feel I should start this article off by giving an insane amount of credit to any woman out there that has acrylic nails; it is HARD to adjust to living with them. All the successful women out there with acrylic nails need an award, and I'm not being dramatic. Anyone who doubts how hard it is to function with nail extensions needs to go out, get them done, go a week living with them, and at the end of the week, come and talk to me. Or you could just take my word when I say; it’s hard. In my experience, I could have done a few things different to be more successful with my acrylics, but they say retrospect is 20/20.


First off, I had to make my friend Savanna take me to get my nails done because I am clueless about getting nails done. I was already nervous when I got to the nail salon, but Savanna helped me with a preferred shape for the nail and picking out a color. After this, it got tricky. I didn’t know what length I was supposed to keep the extensions, so I let the lady doing my nails decide for me. Big mistake, ESPECIALLY, for my first time getting them done. They were so long, but I loved how they looked. I took maybe 10 pictures of my new nails alone that day. 


It felt like it would all work out. I knew it would take a second to adjust. However, I quickly learned that I am not cut out to have acrylics. Let’s list a short amount of things I couldn’t do with acrylics. Just to name a few, I could not: type anything on my phone or computer, work my necklace clasps, zip/button pants, tie my shoes. Basically, I was a non-functional human being and had to ask my friends to help me with everything. Once again, women with acrylics deserve mad respect. 


I wish I could function with nails because many perks come with having long nails. I was born with fat fingers, but with long nails, they look skinnier. I could finally wear rings!  In fact, after I got my nails done, I went out and spent more money purchasing rings. It was a big spender Saturday mood for sure. Lastly, I could give the best back and head scratches, but not to myself of course (ugh). 


So, after all of these dilemmas in the span of one week, I drove myself back out to the nail salon, head hung in shame, and had them file down my nails to a shorter length. The nails won this round, and I admitted defeat. I will try again when I’m more prepared for the responsibility. I hope that day comes soon, because I already miss having long nails.