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I Swapped My Coffee and Have Never Felt Better

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LIke 90% of people in college, we all run on caffeine to get through our day. Now I love coffee as much as the next girl, but I didn’t feel as energized as I would have liked because I would wake up so groggy without it. I decided to change my routine to break myself out of my caffeine fix. I tried many different things like tea and decaf coffee when I was getting started. I eventually started making smoothies, and boy, that made the difference. I was able to have a bit more natural energy and start my day off with some servings of fruits and veggies. I’ve had so much more energy in the mornings where when I would make coffee, I would still feel sluggish until it fully “kicked in”. When I started making smoothies, I had to experiment with what ratios worked the best when it came to taste and mood. Even though this process was a little overwhelming at first, it gave me the freedom to experiment and try new things that I otherwise might not have discovered I liked. Depending on the day, I decided what kind of mood I was in based on what I wanted to put in my morning smoothie. It also greatly reduced my caffeine intake, making falling asleep at night so much easier, and overall, I just felt much happier. Likely due to all the vitamins that are in the fruits and veggies being put in, this is definitely something I suggest trying if you are struggling with caffeine dependency or just want a better energy boost in the mornings.

Howdy! My name is Julia Brown and I’m a junior studying Elementary Education with minors in Music and Sociology. In my free time, I like to listen to music, drink lots of coffee, and spot dogs on the street. I enjoy writing advice articles, music and movie reviews, and overall ways to make the most of your time on campus!
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