I Stand With America

With the recent inauguration that happened January 20th, many people have shared their feelings about the new president on social media. It seems like I can't even go on Twitter without seeing the #dumptrump tweets. Let's not even get started on how there is already a peition for the impeachment of our new President.

I am not ashamed to say that I approve of Donald Trump as our president. Yes, I am a woman, and yes, I believe in equal rights, but I don't feel a threat from Trump as our new leader.

Let's think for a minute... the majority of the people who don't approve of our new President are generalized as people who are super feminist, very low income citizens reliant on welfare to support them, and ethnic citizens. On the flip side, Clinton supporters can claim that Trump supporters are extremist white people, racists and Catholics who don't support women's rights. I am here to end that claim.

I am half Spanish and Catholic, but I have decided to defend Trump. I have friends of all colors and sexualities and I support them 100%. Is it really fair to catergorize all Trump supporters as the adjectives I listed above?  He is a very well accomplished man, who went from being a millionaire to bankruptcy to being a millionaire again. He has two daughters and granddaughters. He hires female employees and doesn't harass women. Every female who has come forward claiming he sexually assaulted them has been proven false.

America is a giant melting pot that strives on the people being united. We need to give Trump a chance. It's not fair that he hasn't been in office for even a month and people already want him gone. Great things take time. For the people who claim "he's not my president" – the fact is that he's now the President of the United States.  We need to unite and support Trump; he is our President now whether you supported him or not. I stand with America, and I hope you do too.