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I Met Justin Bieber by Accident and This is my Experience

Imagine meeting a celebrity by accident… Well in the summer of 2017, that was me. It was the summer before my senior year of high school and I had been working at Topgolf in Charlotte, NC. On this specific Wednesday, I had a day off and was hanging out with friends and we decided to go to Topgolf since I played for free. After about an hour of playing, this group of guys walked past us. My friend instantly looked at me and said “ADI THAT WAS JUSTIN BIEBER”. I clearly did not believe her at first, but once the group of guys settled down, I looked over and saw my childhood crush. 

After about ten minutes of us freaking out, we realized there was no chance that we were actually gonna be able to meet him. He was with pro golfers and had security around him. But then, Justin had to go to the bathroom, which so happened to be past our section. Before I get into the next part of the story, I just want to let you know there were at max ten people trying to see and or meet him. It was not busy at all. Getting back into the story, Justin started walking our way and we were like “Okay, this is our time to shine, all we want is a simple picture and there’s nobody around us, so why wouldn’t he take one?”

We decided to wait till he got out of the bathroom to say hi. As he started walking our way, my friend Katelynn said “Justin can I get a hug?” and he completely ignored her and walked away. It was kinda awkward but we understood why he said no. We then asked if we could get a picture, considering we were the only ones around. Justin looked at us, gave us an ugly look, and kept walking. Our hearts were broken; we had been fans of his for years and he couldn’t take two seconds to take a picture with us. 

I understand being a celebrity can be hard and fans can definitely be crazy, but we weren’t hurt that he didn’t want to take a picture with us, we were more hurt by the way he went about it. Even the fifty-year-old men next to us were saying how rude it was. In conclusion, it was a really cool experience and I have no bad feelings toward Justin; it was also his bad-boy stage so I think that was a part of it as well.

So, ladies and gents, that is the story of how I accidentally met Justin Bieber. Once a belieber, always a belieber.  


Adi Sweet

C of C '23

Hey y'all, my name is Adi Sweet and I am a sophomore at the College of Charleston. I am originally from Charlotte, North Carolina where I was a worship leader, worked at TopGolf and loved to hangout with friends and family. At the College, I am a Young life leader, in greek life and am studying in Business Administration with a concentration in finance. I am so excited to spread my creativity, tips and thoughts to this amazing girl gang! Hope you enjoy!
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