I’m Not Ashamed to be a Woman Who Refused to Support Clinton

To be honest I wasn’t happy voting for either candidate. Like many others I considered what moving to another country would be like but when it came down to it I still sent in my absentee ballot with a check next to Trump. And I am happy with my choice.

Trump shows his temper and lack of filter almost every chance he gets. His comments can be considered offensive but I find Hillary Clinton’s history in politics to be even more offensive. Her scandals are more disgusting than some of Trump’s quotes. Many say, "Trump is a bad influence on children." But what about Hillary?

The first female president should not be one haunted by poor judgment and scandals.  And, where do I begin when it comes to Clinton’s scandals? To start with, there is her husband, Bill Clinton.  We all know the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Better yet the famous, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman,” quote from Bill Clinton. That was not Hillary’s fault but what is she showing young girls about marriage? If Hillary is so pro-defending women, why didn’t she defend herself from her husband and other women from her husband’s actions?

Image from Vogue.

There are also the well known Benghazi attacks. Hillary showed that protecting human life was not her priority. Her lack of respect for individuals and the military is not a message any one should here. She put American lives in danger for her own personal gain. To make things worse lives weren’t just risked, they were taken.

Lastly, there are multiple times Clinton has been caught in a lie. The biggest lie she was caught it was the email scandal. She stated she has turned over everything required by the FBI, but it was later found that she failed to show 30,000 emails. Back to Benghazi, Clinton made a statement claiming that the attack was due to “inflammatory material posted on the internet.” At the same time, she emailed a family member saying officers were killed in a terrorist attack.

Some may say I’m not supporting women by voting by Trump. I may be put down by other women for not supporting a potential female president but I am still happy with my choice. I did not vote for the first female president because women did not deserve to be represented by a someone who lies and lacks judgment and morals.

When a female candidate is honest, hardworking, and not surrounded by scandals, I’ll vote for her.

Photo from Inquisitr.