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How To Succeed in an Online Class

If you have decided to take a an online class during the summer or the semester, then you should be warned that it can be significantly harder than a regular class. Computer issues, miscommunication, and many other factors have the potential to make an online class quite difficult. But, do not fear, Her Campus CofC is here! Below are some tips and pieces of advice for those considering or already taking an online course.

First of all, be prepared to put in just as much work as you would a regular classs. Sometimes, you may even have to work harder, because there’s no professor there to teach you at a certain time or day of the week. It’s all up to you, and if you’re prone to procrastination, then online classes might not work for you, which brings up the next point.

Secondly, it is important to set up a specific block of time every week specifically for online coursework. One friend of mine actually went to the library every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the same amount of time as a regular class just for her online class, which proved to be extremely beneficial. It helped her to stay well-organized. In the least, you should set one or two nights a week to do the majority of your online work. Procrastinaing an online class will seriously stress you out!

The third tip is to always have a back-up plan for when computer issues arise. Ideally, if you live on or near campus, then the school library would be a good back-up. If you are a commuter, however, it might be best to have a back-up computer at home or even access to a local public library.

Fourthly, do not be afraid to email your professor! This is their only real way of communication with you, so it is more than okay to email them with questions and concerns. In fact, it is highly encouraged. Miscommunication is unfortunately a common occurrence in online courses, so be proactive in engaging in clear communication.

The fiftand last tip for taking an online course is to put together a physical class binder or notebook, just as you would a regular course. The reason being is that it will help you stay organized and encourage you to take notes, which will in turn help you retain the information. Also, it might be a good idea to put together a calendar of due dates for the class, print it, and put it in the binder, too.

Good luck!

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College of Charleston junior Angel Mathis is pursuing a BA in Communication with a double minor in Creative Writing and Tourism Management. While still uncertain of her career path, Angel knows that the field of Communication is where she is meant to be. Her love of words is evident in her writings and conversations. Because she knows the power, the beauty, and the pain words carry, she speaks and writes with care, and hopes that one day a string of words she threads together positively influences someone's life. Until then, she'll continue to bake, travel, and laugh her days away. 
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