How I fell in Love with Taco Boy

Maybe it was the everlasting “Appetizer Trio.” Or it may have been the laughs shared across a wooden table. Or maybe the reasonably priced bill I get at the end of each meal. Whatever it was, my love for Taco Boy has only grown since I first went my freshman year of college. 

This hidden gem has three locations in South Carolina: Charleston, Folly Beach, and Summerville. The brick exterior of the building has green ivy growing up the sides, with a red retro sign on the roof. As you enter the building to be greeted by friendly hosts, there is a sign decorated with creative quotes about happy hour and tacos! The long stretched bar has a rustic garage door which opens to allow the patio's energy to flood into the restaurant. As you look around, you will come across statues of both saints and masks, both of which are  mounted to the wall upside down (seems a little odd at first. However it somehow fits in with the vibe of the restaurant) 

Taco Boy brings Mexican-inspired dining to the Charleston area. With a diverse menu filled with street corn, nachos, quesadillas, and of course tacos, there is something to be found for everyone. You can even just stop in for a drink, for there is a whole drink menu filled with margaritas and an assortment of beer. 

My love for Taco Boy has grown to the level where my friends don’t even ask me where I want to go out for dinner anymore; they already know the answer. The vibrant restaurant filled with friendly staff, creative decorations, and amazing food and drinks have become a staple of the Charleston area.