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How To: Golden Goddess Tan for Spring Break

Of course, we all want that golden goddess tan and with spring break being just around the corner, the pressure is on! One thing that will truly ruin your week is a sunburn… trust me. It is still early in the season, so your skin is very sensitive to the sun’s UV rays. But don’t worry because there are alternative and safe ways to achieve that tanned look without frying your skin!

First off, if you go out in the sun make sure you wear sunscreen. You probably hear this all the time from your parents, but even if it is cloudy you should protect your skin with at least an SPF of 15 to 30. However, in the event of getting a sunburn, regularly applying aloe will help soothe the burning sensation. I like the aloe mist spray bottle because you avoid rubbing your skin which can be a pain!

A perfect alternative to laying out in the sun is a self-tanner and no, don’t let people scare you off saying they make you orange and what not! I have been using a self-tanner from the brand Loving Tan” for years and I am very proud of the results. The finish is very natural and will last about 7 days.

Photo by Anna Trojanowska, “Loving Tan” Products.

I use the two-hour express in the shade “dark” and it is absolutely flawless! I would recommend applying it two days prior to your spring break vacation to make sure it is all settled in completely. To build up the color of your tan, the same company has a “Bronze Shimmer Luminous Cream” that can be applied and washed off after a night out. This product deepens your tan and makes your skin glow, so you know those beach pictures will turn out perfect!

After using self-tanners, your skin will thank you in a few years for not frying it all up on those spring break vacations!  

I'm Anna Trojanowska, a junior and President of HC at the College of Charleston. Photography and ballroom dancing are my passions. I absolutely love traveling and documenting my trips to one day look back on them and cherish the beauty of the world.
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