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Having grown up in South Carolina I am very familiar with the pain of having “nothing to do.”  Going to the mall, riding around aimlessly, and just eating with your friends gets a bit old.  You want to do something with your friends and google “Fun Things to do in South Carolina” just to find a list of museums and historical sites, which is not the fun you were looking for.  Because I have lived here my entire life and am part of a “road trip family” I believe I am qualified to expose the hidden gems of the state.  All these places/activities I personally enjoy or have good childhood memories of.  These could be used as day trips, date ideas, or vacations. So, if boredom ever strikes here are my recommendations:

The Big Mo – Monetta, SC – Drive-In Theatre

This is a drive-in movie theater. Yes, the kind in a field with a huge screen and the sound playing through your car radio.  It is open seasonally and is the perfect family night, date night, or birthday party event.  I recommend bringing your own snacks (even though there is a concession stand), blankets, and bug spray.  There are three fields that show two different movies each.  Admission is $5 for kids 4-11 and $10 for 12+ (cash only).  

Eudora Farms – Salley, SC – Drive through safari park

A drive through zoo that is fun for all ages.  Rolling down the windows means you could pet a cow, feed a camel, or get attacked by a hungry ostrich.  Disclaimer: ostriches are terrifying!  A carload of six people is $36 and you can re enter the safari as many times as you want.  You can also purchase feed buckets at the beginning or throughout the ride, so you can feed the animals.  The experience takes about an hour to drive through depending on how many animals stand in front of your car.  Afterwards you can park and see some of the other enclosures.  This is a perfect family or friends’ activity that is fun and will cause some laughs.

Pretty Place – Cleveland, SC – Scenic Outlook

This isn’t an activity, but it is a beautiful chapel located at the top of a mountain with amazing views.  I have heard that watching the sunrise there is unmatched however I have only been during the day.  Even during the day, the views are endless, the world looks small, and it is so peaceful.

“Walk of Love” – Folly Beach, SC – Scenic

Also known as the Morris Island Lighthouse trail, the “Walk of Love” is a graffiti road leading to the Morris Island Lighthouse. It is a half mile walk down a concrete pathway that is covered in all types of drawings, doodles, and messages done by visitors.  Originally, it was just covered in hearts to “symbolize the commitment the Lowcountry has to love one another” but grew into a home for creativity. It’s cool to see the names and drawings made by other visitors.  You could make a day trip out of it and enjoy Folly beach too!  So, bring your spray paint and add to the community mural.   

Laney Willis

C of C '25

A little about me: I attend the College of Charleston, I am a Biochemistry major (but that could change at anytime), I consider myself a professional uno player, I enjoy hiking and nature, I am a movie enthusiast (90's movies have my heart), and an avid pasta eater. Through my writing I hope to inspire and entertain!