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“Hey, It’s Okay…” C of C Finals Edition


Uh Oh! It’s snuck up on us once again- finals week is almost here. I know everyone has a million things going on, but don’t let all of these extra activities, assignments, and exams freak you out. Just remember that in a short few weeks it’ll all be over, and then you get to enjoy 4 glorious months of summer to recharge and come back with a clear head and fresh mindset. These next couple of weeks are going to be hectic, so just rock it out the best you can. I know you can do it. And while you’re busy with your loads of end of the semester tasks, it’s okay to occasionally give yourself some slack! 


Hey, it’s okay..

  • When making your to do list, to write down what you’ve already done, just so you can check it off to make it seem like you’ve accomplished more.
  • To count your fruit servings for the day as the fruit you put on your FroYo you grabbed as a quick lunch.
  • If going to the beach and bringing your books along, without actually opening them, counts as an “effective” study session.
  • To drink more than the usual amount of Starbucks coffee per day in order to stay alert and focused for class work (just make sure you drink lots of water too! Caffeine headaches are no fun).
  • When taking study breaks, to go shopping instead of the gym (I mean, walking down King Street counts as cardio, right?)
  • To neglect your social life, and instead sleep all day on the weekends to rest up for your academic obligations. 
  • If you reward yourself for every little task you accomplish throughout finals week, whether it be a little victory dance, a glass of wine, or a movie night to take your mind off things.
  • Most importantly, to celebrate like crazy when you’re done with all of your exams! Because of course, you deserve it. 


Best of luck throughout finals week my lovely collegiate ladies! You can do it! 



Originally from West Virginia, Tori Williams is a senior at the College of Charleston in South Carolina majoring in Communication, and minoring in International Studies and Dance. Tori is currently the editor-in-chief and a featured writer for the Her Campus CofC chapter, as well as an editorial intern with Charleston Magazine. She also dances with Dance FX Charleston's performance company and through the College of Charleston. When she's not busy, Tori loves to read, run, and do hot yoga. She hopes to someday be an editor and writer for a big time magazine.
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