HC Graduates 2016

Christina Kozlow, College of Charleston

“Her Campus started as an extracurricular activity, but ended up being a huge part of my time at The College of Charleston. Not only did HC give me a platform where I could practice my writing, editorial and leadership skills, but allowed me to connect with and learn from like-minded collegiettes around the world. I am beyond grateful to have Her Campus to thank for sparking my career goals!”


Kristina Zagame, University of South Carolina-Columbia

"I joined Her Campus to gain writing experience, but what's more important is why I stayed. I love how HC empowers college women by giving them a platform to express themselves."

Carlita Kelly, Roosevelt University

"I co-founded Her Campus because there was no opportunity on campus for students to get involved, collaborate AND bring a brand to life. I wanted to connect journalism majors to communication majors to hospitality majors to gain experience, leadership and community!"

Liz Levine, Clemson University

"I joined HCC because I wanted more writing experience and got so much more in return. I will be forever grateful for the leadership I gained and the amazing women I met along the way. I will be forever proud to have been a member of Her Campus!"


Madison Irwin, University of Tampa

"I joined Her Campus my junior year here at UT, after hearing how great it was. I also love writing and being creative, so it was a no brainer. I've met so many amazing girls at my Her Campus chapter and have shared so many laughs and memories. I recommend anyone to join Her Campus, especially if you feel like you don't fit in anywhere at your school yet."


Chloe Adams, The University of Texas at San Antonio

"I joined Her Campus because I saw an opportunity to not only better myself as a writer and follow my passion, but help women on campus, and gain more leadership experience"


Anna-Marie Hayward, Winthrop University

“I knew then that I wanted to be a part of this great organization and I wanted to add my own articles to the site and continue to build up my portfolio and resume. Meeting fellow-minded girls and building up great relationships with them was just icing on the cake.”

Shadelle Goodson, Winthrop University

“I joined Her Campus because it connected me with new people that shared similar interests and I saw it as an opportunity to become a better writer.


Kayla Brown, Winthrop University

“I joined Her Campus for two reasons. The first was to utilize the writing skills I learned in my public relationships classes in a comfortable and supportive environment, and the second was to meet all types of young women and be a part of something bigger than myself. Our society can sometimes make women feel as though we need to compete with each other, and HC is a chance to celebrate our successes and challenges together as a team.”


Hannah Strong, Winthrop University

“I joined Her Campus, even as I studied abroad, because I love everything about it from the articles, to the family of girls we have in our chapter. It’s also a great opportunity to write and gain experience for my next chapter in life.”


La’Rae Carmichael, Winthrop University

“I joined Her Campus in college because a former mentee of mine (Catherine Lowe) was excited to start a new organization on campus, and I try to support all of my student’s endeavors in and outside of the classroom. I also joined because I was drawn to the vibrant shades of pink and pop culture, but soon learned that HC is more than that. It’s like Audrey Hepburn’s sophistication, style, and activism mixed into one organization. Oh, and we talk about Starbucks a lot and that’s a pretty big deal!”