Graduation as Told by Disney Characters

Being a college graduate is no easy task (nor is being a soon to be college graduate), and this is probably how you feel at this point with graduation looming on the horizon!

You have an intense fear of growing up.

You expect the summer to after graduation to be a breeze, celebrating that you're finally done.

When someone asks what you’re doing after graduation you just stare at them blankly.

You think your first job will having you pulling in stacks on stacks on stacks.

You work out to fit into that graduation dress.

Seriously though working out is hard.

When you finally get accepted into graduate school or get offered a job, it's like all your dreams are coming true.

And the feeling when you and your bestie accomplished everything you set out to do in college, so satisfying.

When a professor expects you to care about their class, your reaction is less than enthused.

This is basically your motto for the rest of your life.

Like how do people go out on a Tuesday? No thanks, I'll take happy hour and be in bed by 9.

When your parents bother you about post-grad plans...

When you finally get your diploma after all your hard work!

When your student loan payments start to kick in and you honestly don't understand anything about them.

But in the end you'll be saying see ya later, undergrad!