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Five Must-Have Beauty Products

I know finding good beauty products can be so difficult, so I have put together a list of all my cannot-live-without products! I am definitely not a huge beauty guru, but these are the everyday products that save me! 

Kevin Murphy Conditioner and Untangled Spray

I am a huge fan of all Kevin Murphy hair products. He is seriously a genius and knows exactly what your hair needs. I have been using the “Hydrate Me” conditioner for about four years and the “Untangled Spray” for about two years. Both of these products will do such wonders for your hair, and wait until you see how amazing your hair smells. People always come up to me complimenting the smell of my hair. Yes, I am being serious. 

The Perfect V Beauty Sheets

I don’t know about you, but I always work out, then have a million other things to do, so a shower is just not a possibility until a couple of hours later. The Perfect V is a company that is all about women’s health around your bikini. They offer a pack of 14 beauty sheets, which are similar to a makeup wipe, but instead for your bikini area after you sweat or just want to freshen up. These have become a total lifesaver for me!

Milk Makeup KUSH Mascara

Your lashes will thank me for this one. Personally, I think that this is the best mascara on the market. My lashes have never looked longer. I recommend using an eyelash curler, then applying this mascara. You will be impressed!

Old Whaling Co Salt Scrub

I am absolutely obsessed with exfoliating, and this product just changes the game. I received this salt scrub as a gift, but now I keep buying it. I use the Sea la Vie one because it makes me feel like I am on a tropical island for a minute. Also, this company was founded in Charleston, so obviously I love supporting this local business! 

Hempz Body Cream

This is my favorite lotion to put on as soon as I get out of the shower. I use the Hempz Herbal Body Moisture, and it is the triple moisture one. I randomly needed lotion and just went to CVS to buy one and found Hempz. I will never use another lotion now!

All five of these products are my must-haves, and I won’t travel without them. Let me know your favorite beauty products or if you use any of these products too!

Hey, my name is Molly! I am a Senior at the College of Charleston and am majoring in English. I am from Saratoga Springs, NY, but absolutely love the warm weather here! I spend most of my time nannying or reading Betches.
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