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Easy & Simple Recipe For A College Student!

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This might sound gross, but hear me out: air fry a baked potato. Here is how you do it:

  • Plug in your air fryer (hit bake & set the temperature to 400 degrees), hit start, and let it pre-heat.
  • Get a Medium sized Potato
  • Wash the Potato
  • Punch holes in it with a fork to let all of the moisture out while it is cooking
  • Rub the Potato with Salt & Pepper
  • Put it in the Air Fryer when it gets Preheated (when it beeps)
  • Air Fry the Potato for 20 – 30 Minutes (might have to put for longer, You should know when it ready when you can put your fork through it without any resistance whatsoever).
  • When you can stick your fork in the Potato, open the potato up and cook it for an extra 5 Minutes.
  • After the 5 Minutes, put your seasonings in the Potato (The trick I learned is to put all of your seasonings while the Potato is still in the Basket of the Air Fryer so it does not make a mess)
  • Put it on a plate and Enjoy!

What I love about this easy-to-make “Air Fried” Baked Potato is that it is faster to make than if you put it in the oven & it makes the Potato skin nice and crispy so you can eat the skin if you wanted to without having that tough, gross skin you would if you put it in the oven!

Alex Broyles

C of C '24

Im Alex Broyles. I am a junior here at the College of Charleston. I am originally from Chattanooga, TN but grew up in Atlanta, GA. I have a sister named Parks, we are Fraternal twins. I have two cats named Thomas and Oliver (Ollie). What I like to do for fun is, I love anything that has to do with Paranormal activity, I love thrifting, watching Tv, My favorite show of all time is Friends, and most of all helping with the elderly.