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An Easy Friend: A Guide to Houseplants

The most important things that I have in my room are my five houseplants. It all started last year before school started. I was Pinterest and Buzzfeed seeing all these cool terrariums and succulents. They’re so beautifully arranged and were so healthy. And as far as houseplants go, succulents are pretty easy to take care of. They need direct sunlight and only need to be watered every two weeks. The hardest part of having succulents was putting them together in their pot. It has to be arranged just so because it is very easy to drown your succulents. After that, I had a lovely little friend that I watched grow over the whole year. I live in a different house now with much less lighting and I am worried about my first plantbaby. 

My second plant is doing incredible! He’s a money tree and has these cool twisting trunks. Plants like him do really well in Charleston because they like humidity. I water him every few weeks and rotate his pot every few days. I got my third plant at the same time and I learned very quickly that she needs direct sunlight. There wasn’t really anyplace for her inside and I knew that she would die if I couldn’t find a solution. She is really pretty too! She is purple and fuzzy and very small. Even though she is a houseplant, I ended up having to move her outside so she could get enough sunlight. And she is still growing strong (RIP Margery).

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The next plants I got were from Abide-a-While in Mt. Pleasant. They are a local flower and gardening store that has operated for many decades in the community. I bought a snake plant, which is virtually unkillable and purifies the air. He is the one that I’m least worried about. He will almost certainly outlive me. The other plant I got is definitely my most needy plant. I have to mist him twice a day and also keep his soil moist. But he is so pretty! Look at him!


My newest plant is the pathos plant. I wanted a nice hanging plant to up my bookcase’s aesthetic and she was perfect! She still has a lot of growing to do, but she is doing very well. My plants make my room more livable and they’re a very cheap pet to get. You never really need to feed them and they don’t poop! Also, they live longer than fish! Even if everything else is going wrong in your life, the plant needs you and expects nothing from you. It has no emotions or feelings and could never validate your love. But they make my room feel more alive and the air feels cleaner. Plus, it is so easy to care for a plant, much easier than you could ever think. There is a plant out there for those who kill them just as easily. I love having my plants in my room and I wanted to explain why I think everyone should have a plant.

A Political Science and International Studies double major with a minor in Midddle East studies at College of Charleston. 
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