COVID-19 Can't Take Down YALLFest

As an avid book reader, I love seeing the newest releases at book festivals and getting in line for a book signing. So, living in Charleston has definitely fueled my reading addiction with YALLFest every year. But as we all know, the pandemic has put a damper on everyone’s fun this year. Coachella? Canceled. Olympics? Postponed. Pride? Canceled. Everything exciting has been put on hold for a bit, so why wouldn’t a small book festival in Charleston, South Carolina?

But to my surprise and excitement, the founders of YALLFest have made a game plan that allows book nerds like myself to still see our favorite authors and get our hands on those signed editions. The festival will be a safe option for everyone involved since it will be completely virtual. This year YALLFest will go under a slightly different name this November 13th, YALLWrite.

YALLWrite, like YALLFest, will have an impressive lineup of authors from Holly Black to Jay Kristoff. Something even more exciting is that some of the authors will be teaching masterclasses for young writers. Now you may be wondering, what about the books? How are you supposed to get signed copies if it is all virtual? Well, Blue Bicycle Books has you covered.

Jonathan Sanchez, the co-founder of YALLFest and owner of Blue Bicycle Books, has sent out bookplates around the world, to get signed copies for each of the authors participating in the virtual event. So not only can you still get your signed copies, but you can also support a local business. To make it even more exciting, they are having giveaways on top of the panels and masterclasses.

So, you can catch me this mid-November in my bed enjoying some nerdy book fun. I hope some of you think about joining me in having a good time with the authors and our fellow readers. You never know, you might gain something from it.