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Comeback Trends in 2014

Whether we love it or hate it, bold patterns of the ‘80s and ‘90s are making a comeback in 2014, and they aren't going about it quietly - from the runway to the blogosphere these patterns seem to be screaming for attention! Now, in the midst of winter (and as we anxiously await the return of spring), four standout trends dance along the line between fashion forward and fashion mistake. But if done tastefully and with confidence, you can have a little fun and stand out on campus this semester! 


Fuzzy Sweaters

When I was about ten years old, I received a fuzzy blue sweater from my grandmother as a gift.  I hated it.  I remember wearing it to her birthday party only to make her happy.  I have to admit though; this cozy trend is growing on me.  More than once I’ve stopped into H&M after class and considered trying on one of their fuzzy options.

Think of the fuzzy sweater as this seasons faux fur vest.  Take advantage of the comfort – the fuzzy sweater is an easy go to for those days you just don’t feel like trying.  Forget accessorizing with a statement necklace and opt instead for a bold statement earring.  Pairing an oversized cozy sweater with your favorite skirt provides the perfect contrast for a cute and comfy outfit. 



A simple way to incorporate plaid into your winter wardrobe is by adding a plaid scarf to any jeans and t-shirt or all black combination.  Stick with classic red or blue flannels - don't go crazy with any bright colored plaids just yet.  For spring, however, look to designers Rebecca Minkoff and Charlotte Ronson for their take on the classic trend.

Charlotte Ronson's pale blue plaid high waisted maxi skirt is definitely something to look out for this spring.  It's a refreshingly feminine take on a seemingly limited pattern.

Rebecca Minkoff further expands on the feminine plaid perspective and reinvents the pattern by fusing it with florals.


Polka Dots

I mean, come on, who doesn't love polka dots?!  Polka dots induce happiness.  I promise, you won't be able to stop smiling once you're wrapped up in the perfect polka dot sweater.  A quick tip to instantly add a little bit of class to your polka dot sweater is to throw it on over your favorite long sleeve polo or chambray shirt.

If you're looking for a way to more subtly join this trend, polka dot accessories are always a possibility.  Adding a polka dot bow, headband, or handbag tones up the fun in a simple, day-to-day outfit.  The size of the polka dots range from micro to massive depending on personal preference.  Burberry Prorsum's Spring/Summer 2014 collection pictured above claims polka dots somewhere in between.



The final trend making its return in 2014 is geometric shapes - both in style and pattern.  Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi demonstrate both aspects of geometrics in their Preen Spring/Summer 2014 collection with their assymetrical skirt lines and layered exposed prints.

Another designer mastering the geometrics trend this year is Mara Hoffman.  Her Aztec kaleidoscope patterns are a genius geometric inspiration for this spring.  Notice that accessories are minimal to avoid competing with such intricate and colorful patterns.  Although geometrics seem to be more fitting for spring and summer, set your creativity free and style pieces to fit a winter setting.  Something as simple as black tights and a leather jacket can transform a spring dress to winter wear.



So what do you think?  Which trends will you be following to stand out on campus this semester?  As long as you have confidence in yourself and feel great in what you're wearing, don't be afraid to take risks even with the boldest of trends in 2014.  

Kaylee is a sophomore at the College of Charleston from Franklin, Virginia.  She has a passion for all of the arts from writing to dance to fashion.  Hoping to one day pursue a career as a museum curator, she is planning to double major in Arts Management and Historic Preservation with a minor in Communication.  Outside of Her Campus, Kaylee is the executive assistant of the CofC Fashion Club and a member of Circle K. 
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