Charleston Brunch on a Student Budget

When I moved to Charleston for College I had already fallen in love with the city. I attribute most of it to you know liking the school, atmosphere, the beach is close but most of all… the food. The food is A+ and there is no denying it. I love brunch much more than the normal person should so here are a few places that offer amazing food for a college student’s budget.

Hominy Grill 

This place is the cutest. You better get there early though because they don’t take reservations. The food makes up for that 1,000 times over. The stunning outdoor patio and house like interior make for a quintessential Charleston restaurant experience.

My Favorite: Grab a friend and between the two of you order the Charleston Nasty Biscuit and the Bread Pudding French toast. It's an odd combination that never disappoints.

Expected Price Range: $5-$15

Location: 207 Rutledge Avenue


Millers All Day

Miller’s has the cutest interior I have ever seen. It is an Instagram fanatics dream! The old-fashioned diner feel is mixed with bright colors to provide a whimsical atmosphere. The food is also incredible.

My Favorite: Coconut Cream Pie

Expected Price Range: $3-$10

Location: 120 King Street


Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit

Just go and buy some biscuits and you will not be disappointed. I’m not going to explain further JUST GO.

My Favorite: Cinnamon Biscuit (it’s hot and covered in some sort of cinnamon magic that will throw all your fitness resolutions out the window…but its worth it. Just eat the gosh darn biscuit)

Expected Price Range: $5-$10

Location: 476 1/2 King Street


Caviar and Bananas

Here you can pick up anything that sparks your interest. It is like a mini Dean and Deluca for South Carolina. The food is fantastic and it super quick.

My Favorite: Croissant and a cup of coffee

Expected Price Range: $3-$10

Location: 51 George Street

Hope this list was helpful for all the food lovers in college and encourages you to discover a list of your own. Something as simple as a great cup of coffee, a piece of pie or a walk through Charleston can brighten up the weekend so quickly!