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Fall is the greatest time of the year. There really is no competition between any of the seasons. Sure, summer is great for the beach, but eventually it is going to feel like you’re melting. And winter is too cold while spring’s aesthetic isn’t really cool. But fall? It has the perfect temperatures and the best style. Cold enough for sweaters and boots, but not freezing yet. Warm cups of coffee and blankets during chill evenings. The aesthetic of fall is really where it wins the whole game. That fall style paired with football games and falling leaves. The beginning of school up until Thanksgiving all fall in the domain of, fall. It also has a much more elegant name, as autumn. No other season has a name like that. No other season has that feeling of boots and crushing leaves underfoot. There are no oranges, reds, yellows, and warm browns found in the other seasons.

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 I may be a bit biased, since my birthday is in October, but the fall weather is absolutely perfect. Early October should hold the title of best weather year-round instead of April 25. Who can imagine Gilmore Girls outside of the splendidness of fall? Could Rory and Lorelai truly survive without this season? And think of all the wonderful new shows that we receive each fall. And the Halloween-themed movies! From Hocus Pocus to The Nightmare Before Christmas, fall has the best movies. Who can forget their first time watching Halloweentown, bless Debbie Reynolds soul. And the new IT? It was made for fall.

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Halloween is the greatest holiday of the year, no contest. It is a holiday about the supernatural and candy, that is enough to elevate it over every holiday. It doesn’t need presents to make it superior, it has the ability to excite the youngest child to the eldest about the true magic of Halloween, which also happens to be magic. And the candy is to die-for! Just think, we created a holiday where children dress as monsters and beg for candy from strangers. It’s fantastic!

Candy plays a very important role in the mythos of fall, but the superior food during fall is the pumpkin. People literally go crazy over pumpkin spice lattes when they return each fall. And think of all the nice pumpkin and squash soups that will gradually appear on the menus. But my favorite, above all, is the pumpkin pie. I have never ceased to love this pie above pies. In my dream Thanksgiving, it has the highest honor beside the turkey and the sweet potato casserole. It is only within fall that there can be a holiday solely dedicated to gluttony as a unifying force. 

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I feel that I have stated my full case for the superiority of fall. There is no reason that any other season should compare to the understated radiance of fall. In fact, I cannot think of a single flaw that fall holds. I would be happy to live in a perpetual fall for the rest of my life.

A Political Science and International Studies double major with a minor in Midddle East studies at College of Charleston. 
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