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Name: Carly HarwardYear: Junior – Class of 2016Hometown: Orangeburg, SCMajor: Communication and Dance with a Concentration in Choreography and Performance

Carly and Clyde the Cougar at Orientation Summer 2014

How long have you been Dancing?Since I was 3 years old. (18 years)

What made you decide to major in Dance?I intended  on majoring in Communication and Theatre. Dance was a part of my past. But when I got to orientation, I wanted to register for a dance class to keep it up just to stay active.  But I couldn’t get in to a class that I wanted because I wasn’t a major and I cried. So I took it as a sign that I should pursue it and declared as a major that day. After that I got more involved in the department, and that’s how I found my concentration in choreography and performance. 

What are you involved in On Campus?Dance Alliance, Charleston 40, I’m on the Executive board in Phi Mu, I’m an Orientation Intern, RA, I works at Office of New Student Programming, I’m in Rho Lambda, a leadership organization for sorority women, and I’m also in Leadership CofC.


Carly at a Phi Mu Philanthropy event

What Organization is your favorite?I don’t have a favorite! They are all very different and they all support me in different ways, so I get a lot out of each of them. I find that they are all very rewarding.

What has been your favorite class at CofC?Choreography. It allows me to explore my creative ideas and take a break from traditional classes. I really love the dance department so it’s fun to hang out with all of them. It’s also fun to see what my peers can come up with


Photo from Carly’s Facebook page 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10?In 5 years I I see myself living in New York. I hope to either have an internship or job writing while also finishing up improv classes or continuing to take them. I want to learn more about sketch comedy.

In 10 years, I hope to be the head writer for Saturday Night Live, and the anchor for Weekend Update. I also hope to be drafting my own sitcom for NBC. 

Is that your Dream Job?Yes! I want to be a writer for either the Tonight Show or SNL.

What is your favorite Charleston Restaurant?For brunch, Virginia’s on King and for desserts – Kaminsky’s

Please Describe yourself in 3 words.Sassy, Sarcastic, and Ambitious! 

Take me through a day in the Life of Carly:Wake up early (around 7AM). I have to have coffee first thing. Then I follow to do list that I made the night before. I like to have at least 3 things marked off before I go to class or to work. Then I go to class or work through out the day. Afterwards I try to hang out in the Cato Center or Starbucks to get some work done. My evenings are comprised of either dance rehearsals, choreographing, or meetings. Then I usually eat dinner and hang out with my roommates.

What was the last Played Song on iTunes? “Who Says” by John Mayer



Carly on a recent trip to Disney World



All Photos were taken from Carly’s Facebook page. 

Caroline is a Junior Communication Major at the College of Charleston. She keeps herself busy with her duties as a member of the Executive Committee of Phi Mu, the Charleston 40 Tour Guide Association, and Netflix. She spends her days traipsing through the cobblestone streets of Charleston to the musical stylings of Taylor Swift, aspiring to be more like Beyoncé, and leaving a little sparkle wherever she goes...
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