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Every year there’s about a thousand lists about what Halloween movies make up the best movie marathons, what are cute Halloween recipe ideas, costume ideas, and more. But there’s almost never a list about SONGS to play on Halloween! So here’s a list of Halloween songs to start your Halloween playlist.

  1. “The Monster Mash”– Unless you live under a rock you know that “The Monster Mash” is a Halloween staple and no playlist is complete without it. Will it be stuck in your head for days afterwards? Oh most certainly, but there’s no way to have a proper Halloween playlist and exclude this song.
  2. “Time Warp”The Rocky Horror Picture Show is another iconic show and movie that is synonymous with Halloween so it’s only fitting to include the film’s most iconic song on a playlist for the day. This is the song to get people up and dancing (it even tells you how to do it)!
  3. “I Put a Spell On You”- There’s a few different versions of this song so you have options. Want a fun, upbeat song to keep the party going? Go with the Bette Midler one from Hocus Pocus. Need to slow things down a bit and take a break but want to keep the vibes? Put on the Screamin’ Jay Hawkins version. Either way you can’t go wrong!
  4. “Little Shop of Horrors”– Another film that fits Halloween perfectly with so much music that would work. However, the titular track is probably the one best suited for a Halloween playlist (honorable mention to “Feed Me” though).
  5. “Somebody’s Watching Me”– This song is fun but also has all the creepy and fun vibes for Halloween. While the song itself isn’t exclusive to Halloween, it’s a must add for your playlist!
  6. “Toe Tag”– This isn’t your traditional Halloween song, but Alexander Jean’s love song is also intended to be a Halloween love song. It’s cute and quirky and a nice way to switch things up.
  7. “Carousel”– This song isn’t a Halloween song per se but its tone and association with American Horror Story (it was used in promotions for the fourth season of the show) makes it a great addition to the holiday playlist.
  8. “Halloween (Main Theme)”– The name of the holiday is literally in the title of the movie and song. It’s such an iconic piece of scoring that you can’t not add it to the list.
  9. “This is Halloween”– There’s much debate as to whether The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween or Christmas movie (I say let it be both!), but one thing that’s for sure is that this song needs to be on your Halloween playlist.
  10. “There Will Be Blood”– This Kim Petras song is an absolute bop! It’s a great song in general but is also well suited to the haunted holiday (it was also used in American Horror Stories so that gives it the Halloween boost).

Here’s the start to your playlist but there’s so many more songs to include so don’t stop here!

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