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As much as I love the Addlestone Library, it’s not always the best place to study for finals. There are always too many people there and it can get really loud! Not really the best place to cram for that history final. Your room is no better – it’s a constant distraction area. And your bed just looks so comfortable… So trust me, there are some great places, both on-campus and off, to get some quality study time in! So grab your laptop and good luck on your finals!

1. The Skinny Dip

The Skinny Dip is my #1 because it has the cutest layout, the best lighting, and outlets for your laptop! It’s right on King Street near campus and is usually never busy. If you don’t need the outlets and would rather be outside, they have an adorable patio tucked away on the second floor. They even have a coffee and wine bar nearby to help you stay awake as you go through those flashcards…

2. Kudu Coffee & Craft Beer

Kudu is right on Vanderhorst Street by McAlister dorm, so wherever you are on campus, it shouldn’t be too far from you! It’s got long tables inside for rainy days and a nice patio for warm, spring days. Whichever you prefer, Kudu’s got everything you need. And delicious coffee too!

3. Tricera Coffee

Although it’s small, it’s still a great little spot near campus to crank out some work. With a lot of natural lighting and adorable dinosaurs everywhere, Tricera is one of my favorites. Be sure to try their coffee! It’s delicious!

4. Starbucks

There are two Starbucks on campus, but I recommend the one off-campus instead. This is the Starbucks near Market Street, and although it can be a longer walk than the Addlestone or Francis Marion one, I think the walk is worth it. It has a second floor with plenty of tables and outlets for a long study session. I particularly love the table by the window. It’s long with plenty of space to sprawl out all my papers.

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For someone who enjoys chronic napping, Katie Crane still manages to stay busy between two part-time jobs, 18 credit hours, and majoring in both History and Anthropology at the College of Charleston. When she's not doing any of that, you can probably find her shopping at the local farmer's market, playing Overwatch, or coping with the stress of college life by watching Buzzfeed Unsolved.
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