Best Romantic Comedies for a Romantic Valentine's Day (Even if You're Your Own Valentine)

Valentine’s Day, the Hallmark day of love and big, romantic gestures. And what better outlet to display those elements than through a movie. I happen to be a sucker for a good rom-com, so here are 14 romantic comedies for your February 14th.

  1. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before - I’m not even joking when I say I haven’t been able to stop watching this movie since Netflix released it. Between Lara Jean’s image of what the perfect romance should be and the perfect Peter Kavinsky, this movie will give you all the warm fuzzies.

  2. Crazy Rich Asians - The costuming and gorgeous scene design make the movie a sight to behold, but what truly makes it a spectacle is the story at its center. Girl realizing that she doesn’t have to measure up to anyone else’s standards AND guy trying to make his family see that? We love a good female empowerment love story.

  3. The Big Sick - The only thing better than this sweet and hilarious story is knowing that all of it actually occurred in real life and was written by the couple who endured all of this.

  4. Love, Actually- Yes, it’s technically a Christmas movie, but a romantic comedy is a romantic comedy, and this is one of the greats. With so many different hopeful love stories all woven into one movie, one can’t help but some kind of lightheartedness while watching it. 

  5. Easy - Okay, this may not be a conventional romantic comedy. However, this satirical take on The Scarlet Letter does still fit, especially when it brings up the discussion of what a relationship really is.

  6. The Princess Bride - There are only three words I need to explain this: “As you wish.”

  7. Silver Linings Playbook - Just as well as it portrays mental health issues and gave us Jennifer Lawrence’s best performance to date, it also gives us the sweet story of a guy and a girl just trying to find their way back to normalcy and perhaps trying to figure out their feelings along the way, too.

  8. Crazy, Stupid, Love! - Shirtless Ryan Gosling...I think this image says it all.Image result for ryan gosling dirty dancing gif

  9. Set It Up - This might be the one romantic comedy which actually semi-portrays NYC as a city that’s not the cleanest, prettiest place on the planet, but as an actual realistic city. Oh, and the couples are pretty cute, too.

  10. Definitely, Maybe - Ryan Reynolds was practically the king of the romantic comedy in the 2000s and I kinda miss it. His interactions with Abigail Breslin as his daughter are just adorable, and the How I Met Your Mother-esque storytelling gave it a different kind of vibe than most movies in this genre.

  11. Enchanted - The songs alone make it cheesy and delightful, but it’s the chemistry between Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey that gives the film its spark (and James Marsden as a prince doesn’t hurt either).

  12. Love, Simon - I will watch anything with Nick Robinson, but this story has more depth and heart than most others in its genre. Maybe it’s the relatability of the movie for many, but it's the authenticity of the story and how even the worst characters are almost as loveable as the best.

  13. It Happened One Night - It’s a classic, and there’s a reason it won Best Picture at the Oscars all those years ago. Even though it came out in 1934, it’ll still make you laugh and awww today.

  14. Grease - It’s all in the song titles (and how you increasingly karaoke louder and louder to them). They are the ones that we want and who doesn’t like that “Summer Lovin’”?!