The Best Dog Accounts on Instagram

Unfortunately, in all my eighteen years, I've never had a dog. Instead, I like to live vicariously through dogs on Instagram. So whether you're dog-deprived like me, or you're just missing the pup you left at home, here are the best dog Instragrams to turn to.

  1. 1. We Rate Dogs

    We Rate Dogs is a classic source of dog pictures. Everyday is a new dog accompanied an adorable caption and a rating. And don't worry-- they never get less than 10/10.

  2. 2.

    Watson and Kiko are literally the loves of my life. They follow their mom on adventures around the country. Kiko is a member of the tripawd community and is doing a fantastic job battling cancer, and Watson is being the best brother he can be, so go show them some love!

  3. 3. APupNamedSquish

    Squish may be the cutest rescue pup I've seen in my life. He suffered blunt force trauma to his head, causing the deformities to his face. But don't worry, Squish is now in a happy, forever home with a family that loves him just the way he is.

  4. 4. MayaPolarBear

    Maya the Samoyed is perfect in every single way imaginable. She spreads positive vibes through some really, really cute videos. She loves to show off all her amazing tricks and has over a million subscribers on YouTube. What a good girl!

Now, of course, this list is definitely not exhaustive. There are a whole lot more dog accounts with equally good boys and girls, you just have to go looking for them!