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I mediumly like Halloween. The excitement I feel for the holiday only lasts until about mid-October, then I am ready for my Christmas tree. So I’ve come to find out that there are a lot of Halloween movies and lists to get you through this time with spirit left to spare. However, my favorite kind of entertainment is the bad kind. I love terrible movies. There’s just nothing better than being so offended by a movie that you just straight up turn it off. Fortunately, a lot of these have something to do with Bella Thorne so you’re in for a treat (trick or treat…haha good pun, Katie).

The Babysitter

Okay, so we are really starting out with a very awful movie. I thought this was going to be a fun terrible one about the hijinks of a babysitter and her cheerleader friend, you guessed it, Bella Thorne. Alas, I was very wrong and traumatized forever when (SPOILER) about twenty minutes in, a guy gets stabbed with two knives to the head. I ran screaming into my cousin’s kitchen and demanded that it be turned off. They finished it later and confirmed that it indeed, was not good.

Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

I was very bored a couple of weekends ago and decided to watch this. The only thing I knew about this movie was what I had gleaned from that one episode of The Office when Andy does community theater– you remember. The singing was not too easy on the ears and I saw far too many dudes get murdered by Johnny Depp. Overall, this one was just kind of gross.

Drink, Slay, Love

If you decide to for some reason actually watch any of these movies, please for the love of god watch this one. First of all, let’s just have a moment of silence for this title. It follows a vampire teen who is dating Greg Sulkin and hangs out weird convenience stores at night. All the vampires talk with an unplaceable accent and they try to kill a whole high school for the vampire king. I wish I was making this up. Bella Thorne produced and directed so you know it’s gonna be tight.

The Phantom of the Megaplex

So, everyone knows and loves Halloween Town, but this classic Disney Original film takes the cake. It’s like The Phantom of the Opera except not at all. It follows a kid who works at the megaplex, which is a movie theater apparently, and boy is it in trouble. There is a spooky ghost of some sort that makes tornados happen inside! Don’t believe me? Yeah honestly, I wouldn’t either.

I hope you enjoyed these suggestions for terrible Halloween movies. Nothing to get you in the holiday spirit than a bunch of vampires who dress like they are in the edgy girl style column of a Seventeen Magazine. Happy watching (…and then turning off the tv because you just can’t anymore)!







Kathryn Collins is a Sophomore at the College of Charleston this year. She is majoring in arts management with a minor in creative writing. She loves traveling, watching terrible movies, eating brunch and other fancy lady activities. Instagram: @katiecollins_7