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Benjamin Tester, ’13

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at C of C chapter.

Name: Benjamin Tester

Class: Senior

Major: Biology

Relationship status: Shacked up

Campus involvement: Resident Advisor, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity.

Favorite date: My girlfriend took me on a late night picnic on the beach. We ate all of my favorite snacks. Strawberries, chips and salsa and sugar cookies. It was so simple, but that’s when I knew she was a keeper.

Funniest RA story: A group of girls were being a little too noisy on one of my floors. A friend was in the room, so we decided to play a little trick. I busted through the door and started yelling at my other friend that they were being too loud and all out of warnings. She started freaking out. The rest of the girls starting bolting out the door, while others just kinda of looked at me, terrified. It was the best joke! You should’ve seen their faces! Something tells me I wont be invited to any more Delta Gamma date parties.

What are you looking forward to most about graduating? Moving on, becoming an adult, buying a nice watch. Yah know, the usual.

Favorite C of C memory? One word. NARNIA.

What will you miss most about C of C? Being able to walk everywhere, this city is so chill.

 I am a sophmore here at C of C and loving every second of it! I'm a Psychology major and Political Science minor. You may find me around campus proudly wearing my letters or eating matzah ball soup. 4'11 in height 6 ft at heart. Can't wait to share with you my many adventures and some wonderful (and not so wonderful) experiences I have had thus far at C of C!
Camilla States is a member of the class of 2015 at The College of Charleston.  She hails from the seaside town of Gloucester, Massachusetts, where she enjoys spending her summers on both land and sea.  A Communications major also pursuing a minor in Political Science, Camilla aspires for a future career in broadcast or print journalism. She is also studying Modern Standard Arabic, with hopes of one day becoming proficient in the language. From a young age, Camilla has held a fascination for world geography and foreign cultures.  She hopes to someday traverse the world, from New England to New Zealand and everywhere in between.