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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at C of C chapter.

Year: Freshman

Major: Hospitality & Tourism

Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC

What is your favorite thing about Charleston?

I love the history and the charm of the city.

What activities are you involved in?

Greek life, I am majoring in hospitality and tourism so I am involved with activities regarding my major on campus, club soccer, and I work at 82 Queen.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I like to make people happy!

You’re involved with Greek Life, what is that like?

I am in Sigma Nu, it is like a really close knit group on campus.  They are my brothers and we have a good time together. You met a lot of people so it is really good networking.  Personally, I have developed a really tight relationship with my brothers and that has been the coolest.

What is the coolest thing that you have done with your fraternity?

Our formal in Savannah, Georgia, was so much fun.

Are there any stereotypes about Greek life that you think are true or any you disagree with?

I hate the stereotype that I am defined by my fraternity, but I agree with the fact that we love going out and always have a good time.

People think that frat guys just come to school to party, but the majority of us work really hard. We work hard but we try to always appear laid back and not really care to much.


All photos courtesy of Ben Kester.

Maura Lonergan is currently a Freshman at the College of Charleston. Born in Singapore and then living in Hong Kong, she loves to travel and is looking forward to going abroad. She is a student athlete majoring in Business. Her work background consists of summers coaching sailing, and two movie marketing internships with MTV and Paramount Pictures. Her love of creative writing and being involved with such a great company lead Maura to be a Her Campus High School Ambassador, and she is excited to continue to work with Her Campus throughout her college experience!