Are they Healing Crystals or Colorful Rocks?

Okay, so crystals have been exploding as a trend for about a year now and the trend keeps growing.  Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kate Hudson, Bella Hadid, and Uma Thurman all claim to benefit from them. Even Adele swears by them for performances.  The question is, do they actually help us or are they just a trend?

Now, this article might be biased considering I believe a little more in the spiritual world than some of my friends, but before I bought crystals I, too, was a skeptic.  My first crystal was actually a gift for my birthday in January, and a few months later I bought a pack from Earthbound to try some more out. I figured even if they didn’t work,  they could serve as decoration.

I own amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, smoky quartz, and tiger’s eye. I own loose crystals, but jewelry is great too.  Below is a list of the basic energies each are supposed to release.

Amethyst: tranquility, spiritual clarity

Rose Quartz: self love, empathy, clarity of heart

Citrine: focus, positivity, clearing of negative emotions

Smoky Quartz: detoxifying, calmness

Tiger’s Eye: protection, motivation, mental clarity

                                                      (image credit to Amanda Vick)

When I got my crystals, I was advised that to see any real results I would need to charge them regularly.  There are two ways to charge crystals, by moonlight and by a salt lamp. I started off with moonlight and now I use both interchangeably.  The rule with the moonlight is that they can sit anywhere (inside or out) as long as the light can reach them.  

After using them for a few months I can honestly say I think they make a difference.  I’m not saying that they’ve completely turned my life around, but I do notice a difference when I bring them with me places and when I’ve charged them. If I’m planning on having a really stressful day, sometimes I’ll purposefully carry my smoky quartz and citrine to help make a more positive environment, and they help make it less bad.  Or on days when I’m having anxiety I’ll hold onto my rose quartz while doing other positive things and my anxiety calms down. So to sum it up, it’s harder to stay negative with them around and they boost my mood frequently.

I even got my mom an amethyst worry stone for Christmas last year, and when she picked me up to evacuate from Hurricane Dorian she had it in her hands and said it helped.

Maybe it’s all in my head, but I truly think that my small collection has had a positive effect on me these past few months.  And like I said, if they don’t work, they’re still nice decoration!