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The saying time flies when you’re having fun, could not be more true. How did I just register for my senior year classes? It feels like just yesterday I was a young 18-year-old moving to a new city with all new people, ready to take on this adventure called college. I remember receiving my acceptance letter to College of Charleston and immediately knowing this is where I want to spend the next 4 years. The experiences I have had and the friends that I have made have shaped me into a better version of myself, and I cannot believe I only have one more year left.

If I had to give an incoming freshman advice as they begin to embark on their own college journey, it would be to not let a day go unappreciated. I think that is my biggest regret as I end my junior year, and begin to start my last. As a freshman, I thought I had all the time in the world to enjoy these precious years. But it really is true, the days go by so fast, and before you know it you have a mere 365 days left in the most amazing city, with the most amazing people. Seize everyday as if it was your last here, because before you know it it could be. I suggest joining as many clubs as you can or get involved off campus as much as you can. It is the best way to meet new people, and I wish that I had gotten a head start on that my freshman year, rather than 3 years later. I have branched out this past semester because as my time at the college is coming to a close, I wanted to make the most of what I had left. It has truly been the most amazing semester because I have met so many new people and had experiences that I never could have imagined for myself. I advise you to get a head start on this. I also can’t express enough how important it is to use these years to travel as much as you can. Whether you study abroad in the summer or take a whole semester, get out and see the world when you are young and have the time. I would not trade my experiences abroad for anything. They taught me so much not only about myself but about the world around me, and I hope that everyone gets the chance to experience that.

So if you are applying, accepted, or already know that this is the place for you, take this advice anywhere you go and remember it daily. Your years at any college or university should be treasured and made worth while. Enjoy every second of it, because it truly does go by too fast.  


*Photo from The College Today

Samantha is a junior Business Administration major who is also minoring in Arts Management. She is an avid lover of all things travel, fashion and beauty. One of her favorite things to do in her past time is to create fun DIY crafts and watch home improvement shows! Check out her articles and read more into her creative mind.
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