7 Instagram Captions When You're Single AF on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day can be the day when we're forced to recognize the fact (even more so than normal) that we are single.  But not just single, we are single AF.  We can’t post cute Instagram pictures with precious and sappy captions.  We can’t brag to all our friends about the sweet and adorable things our significant other gave us on Valentine’s day even though we told them not to get us anything at all (you know, the usual lie).  And above all, we can’t not think about the fact that we’re single.

What we need to do though is make a change.  Let’s not make Valentine’s day the day we dwell on this fact, but on the day we dwell on how awesome we are without someone else (besides our squad) in our life.  So go out and post those Instagram pictures and brag about the awesome meal you just bought yourself or the new shoes you splurged on.  Let the world know, and let them know with these awesome Instagram captions!

“You can have whatever you like” -Me to Me

It may be a TI song but you know it’s true.  Use this caption of photos of your chipotle bowl, fancy dinner, glamorous dessert or new power outfit.  Heck, even use it on a glamor shot of yourself because you know you can do whatever you like.  

“Go and raise your glass, give yourself a toast, I love all y'all, but I love me the most”

Okay I know what you’re thinking, this is a Meghan Trainor song and it’s a little narcissistic.  But it’s not! (Especially today when you’re trying to do you a little more than usual!)  You have got to love yourself in order to truly be happy and make a place for yourself in the world, so why not start with this little caption? Toast yourself and let the world know you love yourself.

“I’m more than just a number, I doubt you’ll find another. So every single summer, I’ll be the one that you remember.”– Drake

Now, this can be a very pointed lyric to use but you know, you do you today.  If you’re recently single and are feeling confident, totally use this.  Show the ones that dumped you or didn’t see your worth that you are in fact worth it.  This would especially be a great caption on one of those glamor shots I talked about (you’ll definitely be someone they remember after that).

Liked it so put a ring on it

Ring pops or new bling for days!  Post your candy or actual new rock with this caption.  You’ll definitely get a laugh out of it or you’ll be able to show off how good you treat yourself.  Either way, it’s definitely putting a spotlight on the fact that you’re single AF but you’re a strong independent woman who don’t need anybody else (you know, except your squad).  

In Squad We Trust

You know that squad we’ve been talking about, yeah now is it’s time to shine.  Showcase them this Valentine’s day to show even more that you don’t need anybody else in your life.  You have your friends and your favorite things to do, so why need someone to complicate it?  You’re single and you’re proud.  Don’t let anyone take that away from you.  (Plus this is kind of a year where we don't trust a lot of people so telling you're squad you trust them unconditionally can be your valentine to them.)

I can’t really see another squad tryna cross us

Okay, this has been a little overused but it’s a classic squad quote but you have the fiercest squad of all time so it’s kind of true.  Who would try to cross you all today?  Yeah no one.  


Greatest. Of.  All. Time.  That’s it.  Your squad is the greatest of all time.  Your Starbucks Venti caramel macchiato is the greatest of all time.  And, you most definitely are the greatest of all time.  This universal caption is a great option for posting on Valentine’s day with a squad picture, glamor shot or even a food picture and showing what is in fact the greatest.  Show people your worth and give yourself a little self love.  You’re confident and you can show it.  

Valentine’s day is a great day to celebrate love and the people you love, but don’t be ashamed if you’re single this year.  Go out with a bang with Valentine’s day and show the world you are single AF and owning it.  To a year of doing you, ladies!