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5 Tips for Learning a New Language

Learning languages can be hard, especially when you first start and are still discovering the best ways to memorize new words and new rules. So here are some helpful tips for learning a new language from students and experts!

Find Someone to Practice Speaking With

Speaking the language with someone else on a regular basis can really improve your speaking ability and punctuation. It also gives you more practice with speaking more naturally and conversationally.

Practice Every Single Day

Many experts agree that dedicating some time every day to practicing the language will help you learn it quicker. The more time you spend practicing, the easier it will become to learn. Consistent practice can help to solidify the words and grammar in your mind.  

Watch Movies in the Language You Are Trying to Learn

Watching movies gives you more experience hearing the pronunciation of the words and aids your comprehension. It also helps keep you engaged with the language when you’re not studying. Plus, you can also discover a lot of awesome new movies!

Listen to Music in the Language 

Similar to watching movies, listening to music helps you learn the pronunciation of words and helps with learning accents, as well. Just like with movies, it keeps you engaged with the language and the culture while exposing you to new music. 

Use Context Clues to Figure Out Words You Don’t Know

If you are reading something and you don’t recognize all the words, an easy way to try to figure out what it says is to look for context clues. First look for words you do know and try to make educated guesses on what the other words surrounding those words mean.

Learning a new language isn’t easy, but it is so worth it! Being able to connect with people across cultures is always a plus, and it’s pretty fun too. Looking for more advice on how to become fluent? Check out these articles and online resources:

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