Girls Drinking Wine

5 Signs You're Already a Wine Mom

As defined by Urban Dictionary, a “wine mom” is a middle aged woman who enjoys drinking wine with her friends and gossiping. Don’t let the dictionary define who a wine mom can be, however. You don’t have to be middle aged or a parent to be a wine mom. Chances are you might already have a claim to the wine mom title, so here are 5 tell-tale signs that you’re well on your way. 

  1. 1. Your friends always come to you for help 

    Even if your life is a complete mess, you give the best advice around. And you’re always more than willing to help them out! Whether it’s your opinion of the guys they’re going out with, or if they picked the right formal dress, you know the answer and you aren’t afraid, to be honest. Your friends see you as welcoming and nurturing, giving you full wine-mom status. 

  2. 2. Your favorite genre of movie is rom-com

    There’s just something so comforting about watching movies like How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days or When Harry Met Sally. When you have a free weekend, your go-to activity is a night in, complete with wine, snacks, and rom-coms. No shame.

  3. 3. You’d rather stay in than go out

    If drunk people and loud music aren’t your thing, chances are you may be wandering into the world of quiet nights at home with a glass of wine and a Netflix drama. If it sounds more appealing to you to sit in your living room with your friends and a bottle of rosè while you Insta-stalk all of your exes, then you are definitely becoming a full-fledged wine mom. 

  4. 4. You take care of your drunk friends

    When you do go out, somehow you always end up as the mom of the group. Maybe it’s the snacks you keep handy in your purse, or maybe it’s that you’re always in the right place at the right time to save your friends from creeps. Whatever the reason, you always make sure your friends get home safe and that everyone is having fun.   

  5. 5. Your apartment has a lot of DIY decor

    Let’s face it- we all have spiraled into the DIY world of Pinterest. Making your own picture frames or decorating the mirrors in your house might have become one of your favorite pastimes. If you catch yourself saying “it’s cheaper to make it myself!” or find yourself ordering a 10-pack of mason jars, it might be time to accept that you have become a total wine mom. 

It's okay to start becoming a wine mom in your early adult years. There's no shame in taking care of your friends and possibly having a bit of a Pinterest addiction. Your early twenties don't have to be about partying and being crazy, because it's perfectly okay to spend the time drinking wine and talking about The Bachelor. Own your wine mom-ness!