5 Places to Unwind in the Charleston Area

Downtown Charleston is a magical place. Cute little boutiques and fine restaurants line the streets, horse-drawn carriages show tourists the many highlights of the city, the smell of the ocean tide fills the air (which is not the loveliest but continues to satisfy you in the most familiar way). Everyday holds the possibility for exploration in this beautiful city. There is nothing more exciting than the thought of an escape as a college student - especially with the constant work and stress that school requires. This city offers a number of scenic and peaceful spots that call for a mini-getaway. Whether you go to do homework, hang out with friends, or just relax, this city and it's surrounding areas offer some of the most amazing sights around. Here are some to check out : 

1. The Battery/White Point Garden

Photo courtesy of E Battery.

This beautiful spot is as scenic as it gets and it's located at the very tip of the peninsula. Its location is a little slice of greenery right on the water. The grassy area is perfect to set up a blanket and relax or even engage in something more active. Options are endless in this spot!

2. Marion Square

Photo courtesy of Charleston Farmers Market.

Located in the middle of the busy city, this spot is perfect for people watching! It is another slice of open greenery right between King and Meeting Street. This spot is also perfect for relaxing or doing some exercise. In the warmer seasons, a farmer’s market takes over the square where you can find a variety of fresh foods as well as some of Charleston’s most beautiful original artwork!

3. Morris Island Lighthouse

Photo courtesy of Marriott Traveler.

If you travel out of the downtown area, there are also a number of incredible sights! Tucked away at the end of Folly Beach, this area is simply breathtaking. After a short walk, the area opens up to a gorgeous view of the water and the shoreline. You can find a collection of bone-like trees and concrete remains retouched by graffiti. This site, without a doubt, will blow you away.

4. Pitt Street Bridge    

Photo courtesy of SC Picture Project.


Also outside of the downtown area, Pitt Street Bridge is a little-known spot of pure bliss. Located on the outskirts of Mount Pleasant, this spot offers a peaceful getaway with amazing views of the peninsula. There is a path as well as a short pier that extends over the water. While it is little known to those unfamiliar with the area, it definitely allows you to see the city of Charleston in a whole new light.

5. Shem Creek

Photo courtesy of Hotels.

This is a lovely spot in the Mt. Pleasant area to say the least. Lined with some of the area’s most incredible restaurants, this is one of the most serene around. A pier extends over the waterway into the beginning of the harbor. You can watch the fishing boats come in and out from their long days and delivering fresh seafood to the many surrounding restaurants. Often, these boats are followed by hungry dolphins, which makes this scene all too aesthetic.


Not only is Downtown Charleston an incredible place, but its surrounding areas offer a whole new beauty to be discovered as well. Whether you find yourself looking for a spot to have fun or a spot to unwind in this city, you can never be disappointed!