5 Hidden Gems in Charleston

Going to College in the best city in the country has its perks. Theres an endless number of places to eat and streets to roam. There are always so many new places to stumble upon. Here are some of Charleston's hidden gems that 10/10 would recommend adding to your Charleston bucket list.

  1. 1. The Gateway Walk

    What screams Charleston more than graveyards and iron gates? This trail takes you through different church's graveyards making it a great fall activity. 

  2. 2. Tattooed Moose

    Not many people have heard of this place, as it is not really a walkable place. However, their food is amazing. My friend recommends their grilled cheese and french fries.

  3. 3. Jestine's Kitchen

    While this little southern restaurant is tucked away on Meeting St it has some of the best mac and cheese around. 

  4. 4. Philadelphia Alley

    This adorable alley is easy to miss, but has plenty of history and ghost stories to it. Darius Rucker even filmed a music video here!

  5. 5. Longitude Lane

    This hidden alley although small makes for great pictures espically during the spring time.

Nothing is better than spending a Saturday or Sunday with your gal pals taking cute pictures in picturesque places and eating yummy food at new restaurants. You can easily stumble upon one of these places while walking around or just plug in the name into your phone to help you get there. I hope y’all find the time one weekend to explore one of Charleston’s many hidden gems and you find them to be as much fun as I do!