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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at C of C chapter.

There are plenty of up-and-coming artists in the music industry, but here are my top 5 female artists that everyone should listen to at least once. I love their music.

Cleo Sol

My absolute favorite on this list is a London-based R&B and Neo-Soul artist destined to become the next breakout hit. Her melancholic voice mixed with a sultry soul is guaranteed to leave people in a trance. Her album, Rose in the Dark, is a journey through love — exploring the highs and lows of longing for someone while going through a path of self-discovery. The entire album is a masterpiece from beginning to end: with songs such as “Sideways” and “Sure of Myself” which discuss the internal battle of being in love.


One of my favorite artists during 2020, Tash, should be on everyone’s radar. Her soft pop voice with singles like “Neighborhoods” and “Euphemism” will make any listener feel like they are in a coming-of-age movie. Her songs tackle the conflicts in her mind as well as her love life. Check her out!

Audrey Nuna

A Korean-American New Jersey native is taking a new approach to pop music, mixing it with a hip-hop sound. She is an artist that is going to gain much more attention sometime soon with her songs “damn Right” and “Comic Sans (feat. Jack Harlow)”. She is without a doubt an artist to bump to in the car.

Ego Ella May

This singer-songwriter from South London tackles social issues in a lot of her songs. My favorite, “Girls Don’t Always Sing About Boys”,  discusses shifting the narrative on society’s ideas of how a person’s life should be. Her soulful yet jazzy voice will cause anyone to listen to more. Her depth and awareness of social issues while understanding her own emotions is a powerful experience to listen to. Not to mention the soulful beats in the background that will have any listener in a meditative state.


One word: obsessed. Her music goes through highs and lows, showing the passion, love, and anger behind every song, which is refreshing to hear. The variety of moods will make any listener fall in love or want to break up with their significant other. Her album Before I Spill Myself will be on everyone’s playlist after the first listen. Did I mention I am obsessed with her music? She is a whole mood.

Ayanna Burgess is a junior at the College of Charleston, pursuing a degree in Communication. A native of South Carolina, Ayanna enjoys finding the best restaurants in town, browsing around local record shops, and writing poetry.