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5 Criminally Underrated Indie Artists You Should Know

We all arrive at the horribly-resented lull in music, where all your favorite songs sound overplayed and no playlist gives you that once familiar feeling of mysticism. Well, I am here to introduce you to some beautifully underrated artists that could grant you the musical reprieve you are searching for. Although these artists reign from the indie/alternative genres and nobody’s taste in music is quite the same, talent is universal, and these artists are the perfect medicine for the music blues. 

Good Morning

This two-man duo has the most beautiful discography. The range across all of their albums provides feel-good Australian alternative songs that sound like summer drives or mellow heartthrobs all at once. Good Morning’s expansive range of albums each displays critical lyricism and magical instrumentals. There is a song to fulfill your 3 a.m. cry needs or an elating, upbeat tune to lift your spirits. You cannot miss with any album you pick to listen to.

The Honeysticks

This is what quintessential Los Angeles indie sounds like, folks! This three-man band has not blessed us with a lengthy repertoire, however, their shortlist of singles and EP are just the soft, feel-good tunage that could make or break your playlists. In the meantime, enjoy the dreamy jams as we all await an overdue album from The Honeysticks.

Deep Sea Peach Tree

The sleepy-surf rock band from New York has gifted the world with the mellow, jazzy-electro tunes that are the perfect happy-pill. Deep Sea Peach Tree has manifested the feeling of mysticism in songs, which will make you fall in love with music all over again (or they could be your first musical love)! It’s difficult to find a bad song on this discography, so explore their album, EPs, and singles as you please.


Coming from alt royalty, Lupin is the stage name of Jake Luppen, who is the lead vocalist of the popular band Hippo Campus. Debuting only this year, Lupin wrote and produced his first EP in 2020 and intends to continue to make funky, experimental-alt music as he also maintains his successful and faithful career with Hippo Campus. We all wait with much anticipation for new music from Lupin, so this is a talented, up-and-coming artist to keep your eye on. 


This self-proclaimed metamorphic rock band is definitely one to give a listen to. Boyscott epitomizes the classic feeling of wanderlust. Unfortunately, they only have one album out right now, but it is the perfect album for walking, driving, skating, or whatever your transportation of choice is. This album will become the soundtrack of your commute, I promise. This is a dreamy album to always come back to when you need a pick me up. 

Keep an eye out for these artists and potential new music to come. I hope that you find a song or two that you really love!

Taylor Holbrooks is a sophomore at the College of Charleston. She is an aspiring photojournalist, double majoring in Communications and International Studies. In her free time, Taylor loves to surf, listen to music, play soccer, skateboard, and travel.
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