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4 Ways to Party with the Primaries

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at C of C chapter.

As the Democratic canidates (Clinton and Sanders) hit Las Vegas, the Republican canidates are moving in ahead of the primary on the 20th. We here at HerCampus CofC are celebrating American democracy by highlighting ways to fight for your right to party/vote!

1. Register to vote 

It’s quick, easy and your only way to take part in one of the oldest traditions known to man!

2. Pick a primary to vote in

If you vote in the Republican Primary on the 20th you cannot also vote in the Democrat Primary the next week, so choose wisely!

3. Pick a candidate

Learn who is running, what their views are and choose which one you think would be best for our country!  

4. Vote! Vote! Vote!

A Political Science and International Studies double major with a minor in Midddle East studies at College of Charleston.