3 Cute and Easy Dates for Cuffing Season

Everyone is super excited for fall, and honestly what’s not to love? Fall brings football, sweater weather, Halloween, and arguably some pretty great latte flavors (PSL you know you have my heart).  It also brings cuffing season, meaning it’s time to get into a relationship, so you have someone you can snuggle and watch Hocus Pocus with. Luckily for you, I have some really cute date ideas that might help you land a snuggle buddy.

  1. 1. Take Advantage of Charleston’s Art!

    Charleston has a great art scene that can easily be taken advantage of for not a lot of cash.  A lot of galleries are free or low cost.  Especially the Halsey that is right on campus, and features student art displays! In my opinion, it is a really good sign if your partner is down for spending time walking around a few galleries, heading home with take out, and discussing them at home over dinner.

  2. 2. The Battery

    I shouldn’t even have to write a caption for this one.  Pack a cute picnic and some blankets, admire the gorgeous antebellum houses (that, like me, you hope to live in some day), and maybe even dance in the pavillion.  Then, afterwards, you can go dolphin watching and have the cutest time ever.

  3. 3. Pillsbury. Holiday. Cookies.

    Again, this one is practically self explanatory.  Who doesn’t love cookies, ESPECIALLY these little bites of heaven.  Making cookies together and watching a movie is a super cute, super low effort date idea.  And of course, you could even decorate them, or use whatever recipe/brand fits you best. And if you're not a movie person, you could play card or board games together.

Though I'm sure these seem really simple, I usually get so caught up overthinking everything else that these ideas will often slip my mind.  So have fun, be safe, and tag us if you use any of these!