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15 Reasons Why Gossip Girl is Worthy of All the XO’s in the World

Nothing gathers the girls quite like hearing, “Good morning, Upper East Siders! Gossip Girl here. Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite.” Yes, Gossip Girl is the show we binge watch in order to get a little taste of the ultra fabulous lifestyles of New York’s rich kids. This show has parties with background music as clinking champagne flutes, drama thats of soap opera proportions, romance thats never short of a little spice, and fashion thats all about the drool worthy designer duds.

So here’s all the reasons we love Gossip Girl, and all those glamorous trust fund babies it chronicles. 

1. Well, to get the obvious out of the way, lets just start with fashion. GG has the most drool worthy designer duds that make even Sex and the City feel some competition for best-dressed show.

2. We can vicariously live through the main character’s ultra fab lifestyles of penthouse apartments, money, parties, money, extravagant vacations, money, fashion and did I mention money?

3. Because Chuck and Blair. Blair and Chuck. They just mesh. They are meant to be together.

4. If Chuck was writing this we can guess he would reason we love Gossip Girl because….“I’m Chuck Bass.”

5. Dan is Serena’s forever. We can’t help but cheer their adorable love on, or sob uncontrollably when they break up. The world just doesn’t make sense when your two favorite characters aren’t together.

6. Endless array of hot boys is just a given.

7. Everyone j’adores a little love triangle, and Gossip Girl has plenty. Chuck and Blair. Blair and Nate. Nate and Serena. Serena and Dan. Dan and Vanessa. The list just goes on forever. 

8. The writers inclusion of a semi-relatable/Upper East Side outsider character, Dan Humphrey, aka Lonely Boy, make us “common folk” watching back at home feel a touch of reality still in the mix of all this luxurious living.

9. The duo of S and B makes us get all warm and fuzzy about our own best friends. They just get us on that level!

10.  The drama is just too juicy. Deaths, scandal, betrayals, heartbreak, evil plotting, etc. Gossip Girl’s plot is as thick as a soap opera.

11.  Serena van der Woodsen always looks effortlessly chic. Like, how is her hair messy but still perfectly flawless? She is just so cool. Can I be her? 

12. We idolize Blair’s badassery. 

13. Gossip Girl helps us realize that even the rich and fabulous have problems. We totally feel their pain. 

14.  Kristen Bell is the voice of Gossip Girl.

15.  And well…you know you love me. XOXO Gossip Girl 

Alex Hagg is a 21 year old senior at the College of Charleston. She is a Communication major working towards a future in fashion. With the dream of becoming the next Rachel Zoe/Carrie Bradshaw, Alex hopes to one day hold a career as a stylist and writer for a fashion magazine. Currently she is a blog intern at Southern Protocol Boutique. In Alex's spare time she enjoys shopping, relaxing on the beach, and watching movies.
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