10 Shows & Movies You Didn't Realize Are On Hulu

A few months ago, my mom decided to upgrade our family’s Hulu account to the premium subscription. At the time, I was a die-hard Netflix fan but often found myself uninterested and bored in their browsing selection.

Hulu never appealed to me before due to the annoying advertisements that interrupted your show every two minutes; however, our newly upgraded account eliminated this problem. I decided to skim through Hulu’s collection of shows and movies, assuming I would remain unsatisfied until returning to Netflix. It wasn’t five minutes before I was calling my friends to tell them that they wouldn’t believe what shows were on Hulu.

I scrolled through the site’s entire selection overwhelmed with nostalgia as I saw my childhood favorites, reality shows I never finished and shows and movies I had totally forgotten about. 

I was like a kid in a candy store adding shows and movies to my watch list - and you’re about to be too. Here are ten shows and movies you didn’t know were on Hulu:

  1. 1. Awkward

    You may have forgotten about this MTV classic, but there is no way you forgot its heartthrob star, Matty McKibben.

    Watch as Jenna faces the all-too-familiar struggles of love, friendship, and high school. 

  2. 2. Jersey Shore

    This show was way before its time.

    Luckily, Hulu revived this OG right in time for its reunion special. #GTL

  3. 3. No Strings Attached

    Four words: Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher.

    This romcom classic follows the ins-and-outs of "casual dating" and we are so here for it. 

  4. 4. One Tree Hill

    I still remember the day Netflix removed OTH - I thought I would never know the ending to Nathan and Hayley's love story OR the fate of Dan Scott.

    Shoutout to Hulu for fixing my broken heart with nine seasons full of *gorgous* Scott brothers. #23

  5. 5. Good Luck Chuck

    Another romcom that shaped the way you thought about love.

    If he isn't willing to overlook your slight obbession with penguins, is he really the one? 

  6. 6. Drake and Josh

    You're welcome.

  7. 7. America's Next Top Model

    Rewatch the legend herself work her model-magic. There is no shame in admitting you dreamt of blowing Tyra away with your *smize* in photos.

  8. 8. Life As We Know It

    Hands-down one of the cutest movies ever. Dont at me. 

  9. 9. Sex and the City 

    Can I still be Carrie Bradshaw when I grow up? 

  10. 10. Vanderpump Rules

    I can't be the only one who remembers when Jax got Stassi's name tattooed on his arm, right? Iconic.

If you're bored with your queue's current lineup, don't stress - Hulu has your back. Rewatch your favorite movies and TV shows that you totally didn't forget about.