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10 Essentials For Winter Weather

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It happened. The one thing we feared, but knew would come eventually… Winter. *gasp!* Yes, even here in sunny Charleston, arguably one of the top tourist cities in the world, the temperature does occasionally drop below freezing. It’s officially time to put away the T-shirts and break out the sweaters. Here are 10 winter essentials to help you survive the cold.

1. Everyday Boots

By springtime, people won’t be able to recognize you without these on your feet. They’re warm, comfortable and fashionable.  Everything you could need in a shoe.

2. Accompanying Pair of Boot Socks

Why wear just boots when you can wear boots AND comfty, warm boot socks?!?

3. An Oversized Sweater

It’s as big as it is warm and totally worth it, especially when all the buildings lose heat unexpectedly.

4. Plaid Scarf

Cold weather rule #1 – you can never have too many scarves.

5. Herringbone Puffy Vest

So glam and so warm.

6. Knit Mittens

7. Crochet Pom Pom Hat

8. Heated Blanket

9. Fuzzy Bathrobe

Necessary for more than just post-shower laziness.

10. Microwaveable Plush DogHuggable warmth. Need we say more?

Stay warm, collegiettes!

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