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10 Country Songs to Listen to When You Are in Love

The best thing about music is that there is a song for any emotion — especially when you’re in love. Whether you’re in the car, at the beach, or just hanging out, these songs will give you all of the good vibes of being in love. Here are some of my favorite country love songs to jam out to with your special someone. 

“Butterflies” by Kacey Musgraves

This song gives you all the good vibes of riding with the windows down on a spring day with your honey next to you. It takes you through a story about living through the same meaningless things everyday until you’re suddenly swept off your feet by someone special. With this kind of love, you are able to spread your wings and fly… could it be any more perfect?

“Love Ain’t” by Eli Young Band

This song tells you what love really is, by telling you what “love ain’t” through the lyrics. Love takes dedication between two people, and it also requires recognizing through reflection on past relationships what love wasn’t. This song is the epitome of your partner truly fulfilling what love is in a relationship. 

“Spin You Around” by Morgan Wallen

I don’t think there is a song that makes you want to dance around with your special someone more than this one. This song is about a guy shooting his shot with a girl even though his chances are slim. It shows us that love is all about taking risks, but it can be far more than worth it.

“Love You Like I Used To” by Russell Dickerson

This song explains how love changes and grows stronger everyday. The love you first felt for someone is different than the love you feel now and the love you will feel in the future. After all, you will never love someone more than you will tomorrow. 

    “Nothin’ Like You” by Dan + Shay

    Imagine dancing in the summer rain with your person…that is exactly how this song makes you feel. This is a song that makes you feel like no one is comparable to your significant other. The love you feel for one another is so different that you could never imagine looking at someone else and feeling those same butterflies in your stomach.

    “The Difference” by Tyler Rich

    This song is about falling in love with someone that just does not know it yet. The way you mean certain words is different than how your crush takes them. This song talks about wanting to close the gap between “love ya” and “I love you,” and how it’s always possible with enough courage. 

    “Somebody Like That” by Tenille Arts

    If you love someone as strongly as it sounds in this song, you’re doing it right. This song is about how love should always stay exciting. No matter how many heartbreaks you have been through, you should always love someone as hard as you first loved anyone, and maybe they will be the right one.

    “You Make It Easy” by Jason Aldean

    This song is a staple for happy couples, if I do say so myself. Love comes from a person that makes you a better version of yourself. The right person makes every single day easier with them by your side.

    “Kinfolks” by Sam Hunt

    This song makes you want to show off your person to all of your family and friends in your hometown. When you find someone that special, it can be so hard to resist. 

    “Lady May” by Tyler Childers

    You either have never heard of Tyler Childers or you are in love with him, there’s no in between. This song is about a tough working man who vows to devote his life to his lovely Lady May. If you feel so in love with your partner that you could live off the grid with only them and the land, this song will make you feel some type of way.

    Faith Clark

    C of C '22

    Faith Clark is a junior at College of Charleston.She is studying Psychology & plans to further her education after graduation in the pediatric nursing field. As well as being a full time student, she also rides competitively in A rated horse shows up and down the East coast. In her free time, Faith enjoys working out, cooking, and being social. Find more on Instagram @faith_clarkk
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