Why Your 20s Are Just Plain Weird

Ahhh-- your 20’s. Your 20’s have a way of hitting you hard. In fact, they’re just plain weird. Everyone around you seems to be at a different stage in their life. Meaning, everyone seems to have different priorities. While your 20’s are a time to make great memories, they’re also a time to find out who your true friends are. As if life wasn’t stressful enough!

Here’s a list of ten reasons why your 20s are just plain weird.

  1. Some of your friends are blacking out every night at parties.

  2. Some of your friends are engaged or en route to becoming engaged.

  3. Others spend all night in the library.

  4. While some work full-time jobs or have careers.

  5. Those people with full time jobs are “loaded.”

  6. While the rest of us are financially stressed college students.

  7. You have your college friends and your hometown friends… It’s like you’re two seperate people.

  8. Some people’s parents pay for everything.

  9. Some people are completely independent.

  10. We’re all just trying to make it.

While everyone is at a different place in life throughout their 20’s, it is truly a unique time. Your 20’s is a time to find which people in your life prioritize you, despite the different stages you may be at. Those people that prioritize you despite their financial situations, relationships with significant others, or whether or not they are still in their party stage, are the people you should take with you into your 30’s.