Why Understanding How Your Partner Loves is So Important

Life, whether alone or in a partnership, is a winding road with branches and trees uprooted in the path. Simply put, life comes with hardships and turmoil you are expected to climb over or move away from your path. While in a relationship; however, you have to hold the branch down for the person behind you as well.

Often time, when hardships in life hit, relationships are tested. Tempers rise, feelings are hurt, and needs are not being met. Thus, it is important to ask your partner, “what do you need?”

If you’re anything like me, I need different things at different times. Sometimes I need a stern reminder that money actually does matter. Sometimes I need support in taking the night off from the gym to sleep.

While I tell my boyfriend what I need from him, I often still find myself assuming what he needs in his times of struggle. Since I show love and care for those in my life by pushing them to be their best in an aggressive and blunt manner, I assume that is what he needs as well.

But often, that is not what my boyfriend needs or want. While it’s important for him to communicate his needs, it’s also important for me to understand how he loves. While I tend to be a realist, he needs support, love, and the cheesy stuff to get through a hard time.

Guess what?

It’s my job to provide that for him. Knowing how your partner receives love in times of trouble is key to making a relationship succeed. At 21, I cannot pretend to know everything on how to make a relationship successful.  Yet, every day brings new ideals that I want to share with you all in case it helps even just a little.