Trends From The 2000s That Should Not Come Back

Look, we are all guilty of participating in a good majority of these trends back in the 2000s, but let’s just leave them there.

Shutter Shades

Can anybody even see out of these?

Digital Watches

These were never the move. They ruin your whole fit trust me.


I still see some of these today - they need to go extinct soon.

Colored Leggings

Nope, thats all im going to say.

Gladiator Sandals

These just take more time to put on than they’re worth.


Enormous Belts

I mean they do make your waist look smaller, but they make spanx for a reason.

Silly Bands

There was no reason for these ever to exist.


Comfy? Yes. Terribly ugly and should never be worn in public? Also Yes.

Crimped Hair

Omg never again. Please, i’m begging you!

Plaid Bermuda Shorts

Okay the fact that I wore these on a daily basis is just embarrassing for my life and soul.


What is even the point of this piece of clothing?

Plastic Headbands

Get these out of here unless you’re under 7.

Aeropostale Graphic Tees

Another staple in my middle school closet. Look there’s a reason Aeropostale is going out of business, that’s all I’m saying.

Velour Tracksuit

The worst were the bright orange and hot pink, you looked like a walking highlighter.

Low Rise Jeans

Be careful not to move or you’ll be exposed real quick.

Layering Tank Tops And Pulling Them Down Over Your Jeans

Oh god, the worst of all. Thank you, next.